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Contacting Me







Please contact me by email:



or by telephone:                                 01925 228825



mobile:                                                   07973 113027



I hope my photographs have given you a  flavour of me.  Please don't hesitate to call to discuss your needs and to see if what I offer may be of use to you.



Please leave a message if I am unavailable and I will return your call ASAP.














The Lotus flower is known to be an amazing thing. It starts as a small flower, down at the bottom of a  pool, in the mud and muck. It is said to grow up slowly towards the waters' surface  continually moving toward the  light.  It grows, reaches the surface and blossoms becoming its fullness - an object of great beauty. Lotus flowers are also regarded to symbolise the journey of a person who has struggled  through hard times and has now begun to emerge into a better place.


This beautiful little flower reminds me of the journeys of those with whom I often work.  I witness him or her sometimes strive to break free from the past, to find healing for deep and painful wounds, and to start to learn to become the person they were born to be.  With patience, commitment and hard work, he or she emerges into a unique, empowered, confident person who has begun to be open to experience the richness and fulfillment of Life (indeed, to blossom), and has found greater peace and harmony within.




Caz Taylor Therapy & Training




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Tel: 01925 228825


07973 113027 (24 hour answerphone)







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