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I have chosen to resign from BACP after 30 years membership, to join what I believe to be a more member oriented organisation.

Supervision is available for qualified and student counsellors, supervisors, health care professionals etc., individually and for groups.  Sessions are available face-to-face  by telephone and via Skype, Zoom, Teams. (Currently, all sessions are remote - 2020/22).

My aim in providing supervision is to offer a safe and supportive environment, where the supervisee feels trusted and respected.  All client-work; support when setting up and maintaining placements etc.; relationships; Person-Centred theory; skills feedback; therapeutic relationships may be confidentially discussed and explored.  I encourage supervisees to bring, not only areas of their work which need development, but his or her celebrations!  In our field, where confidentiality is sacrosanct, where else can a counsellor share success?  The quality of the supervisory relationship is again all-important.  I offer my substantial experience as a therapist, supervisor and trainer, and my observations and feedback.  However, most importantly, I offer the Core Conditions and aim to help supervisees experience first-hand the potency of the Person-Centred Approach to help the counsellor become more trusting of themselves, their clients and the therapeutic process.  (I gave up counting my 1 - 1 counselling hours  when I reached 20, 000).

Often supervisees attend the recommended  1.5 hours monthly, (MINIMUM requirement by Member Organisations, Diploma Courses and Awarding Bodies) and increase this as and when necessary (e.g. stressful workload, personal life affecting practice, challenging/difficult clients, difficulty relating theory to practice etc. and case-load), to ensure on-going safe and ethical practise. 
Supervision reports for college may be discussed and collaboratively written in supervision sessions.  

I have been trained by BACP to supervise IAPT/CfD counsellors during their  training with BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), and Universities, who are learning PCE-CfD to offer Person-Centred Experiential Counselling for Depression to patients within  the NHS.




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